Oman Table Tennis Association


Oman Table Tennis Association

Table Tennis is a sport practiced by wide range of people in the Sultanate, by all ages and both genders.

The activities started back in Sultanate of Oman in 1970s, and in order to enhance the means of upgrading the game activities in the Sultanate, the successive of national federations have worked to promote and develop the game in all regions, and to all sectors, focusing on priority groups in public, private schools and universities, clubs and others. The idea of sport is maintained as a "life model" by setting up events for amateur and older practitioners.

Over the last decade, all the goals have been achieved to spread and develop the game. Table tennis has become the focus of attention for all sectors of government and private schools, colleges, universities and others, by inserting table tennis competitions within the annual agendas.

The National Federations have worked to develop the human resourses, through the qualifying of referees, coaches and managers through targeting them to local courses accredited by the competent authorities, and others under the umbrella of the International Table Tennis Federation, in order to keep abreast of developments on the game and not to overlook any aspect.

Over the last few years, many promising table tennis centers have been opened in all governorates of the country and provided with all the necessary equipment to carry out their work in the right manner. In order to provide the national team with new players and exploit the children's time in what is useful and try to keep them away from electronic games, which is the scourge of this era. At the same time, these centers are used for amateur and veteran's players.


As for the organizational aspect, the Oman Table Tennis Federation has organized many regional, Arab, Asian and international events. The most prominent of these were the Oman world junior circuit - Premium early 2018 with the participation of 19 countries and more than 120 players, and 16th Arab Cup Championships' in 2017 with participation of 16 countries and more than 150 players.

During the year 2019, Oman Table Tennis Federation will organize three international events, the ITTF Challenge Plus Tournament, Oman Open next March, ITTF Hopes Week & Challenge in July, and World Junior Circuit - Premium in October for the second time in a row.

As a result of the continuous work, the Oman Table Tennis Federation has been awarded the Ministry of Sports Affairs " lnjazatuna", the Best Achievement as the best sports federation and institution for the years 2016-2017.

Oman Table Tennis Federation have a good number of umpires whom are active in local and international tournament and we expect by 2022 will have more than 200 umpiers and more than 50 international white badge umpires.

By 2022, the Federation will start a program for the volunteers which will be selected for table tennis family such as players, coaches, university student and those whom are working with us during our local and international events, the number volunteers will be decided later on, depend on the entries, but we guarantee that we will provide the quantity and the quality of volunteers to make this event as it should be.