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05 Jul 2022

Second stage of registration for 2023 World Veteran Championships now open

Second stage of registration for 2023 World Veteran Championships now open

Less than 200 days to go before proceedings are declared officially open at the 2023 World Veteran Championships, play commencing in Muscat, Oman on Sunday 15th January, second stage of registration is now open, with more than 500 players already registered after the end of the first period.

Furthermore, there is no time to waste; for the best value, the closing date is 15th. December 2022.

There are two basic stages.


Registration from Monday 4th July to Thursday 15th December 2022 (midnight)

Players: US$ 195 per person

Accompanying Guests: USS$ 65 per person


Non Accredited Personnel  

Any person not accredited must pay an entrance ticket of US$ 15.00 per day.



Registration is on-line:

Each participant is required to enter a mobile number to be used exclusively for health issues or to convey all useful information, via SMS or WhatsApp.

Payment for all is by Visa or Mastercard or bank transfer

Registration will only be accepted when the Organising Committee has received remittance in full.

Pairs for men’s and women’s doubles events must be confirmed by both players; for those requiring partners, the deadline is Thursday 15th December 2022 (midnight).


Event Cancellation

Monday 4th July to Monday 3rd October 2022: cancellation fee 50 per cent

Tuesday 4th October to Thursday 15th December 2022: cancellation fee 85 per cent

After Thursday 15th December 2022: the cancellation fee 100 per cent

Contact for cancellation:


Hotel Cancellation

Reservations made for hotel accommodation must be cancelled separately by contacting the company with whom the booking was made.



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